Han So Hee Releases Statement Regarding Her Mother’s Fraud

Han So Hee Releases Statement Regarding Her Mother's Fraud

Han So Hee’s mother is recently revealed by Youtuber Lee Jin Ho that she has been sued for fraud.

Han So Hee Releases Statement Regarding Her Mother's Fraud
Han So Hee Releases Statement Regarding Her Mother’s Fraud (credit: 9ato Entertainment)

Previously it was reported by JTBC that the mother of a certain artist is sued for fraud of 85 million KRW. According to the report, the mother had been borrowing money from acquaintance since February to September in 2018. Later it was revealed on Lee Jin Ho’s channel that the artist is Han So Hee.

On the 7th, Lee Jin Ho released a video stating that not only Han So Hee’s mother, but Han So Hee herself is sued for violating the Electronic Financial Transactions Act. This is because her mother used account that’s under Han So Hee’s real name. As her mother is unable to repay the debt, both of them are sued for the violation.

During an interview with Lee Jin Ho, Han So Hee’s mother claimed, “when Han So Hee was still a minor, I was able to create a bankbook under her name as the mother. Later on, Han So Hee forgot about it and I became the one to hold (the bankbook). There came a situation when I couldn’t use my bank account, so I used hers for a few months.”

Meanwhile, Han So Hee also released a statement today regarding this situation.

Her agency, 9ato Entertainment, stated on Han So Hee’s behalf that, “Han So Hee’s mother Shin borrowed money under Han So Hee’s name. Shin arbitrarily created an account with Han So Hee’s name when Han So Hee was still a minor. Later, Sin used the account to borrow money without letting Han So Hee’s acknowledgement.” The agency also revealed that “there were similar cases before. There were even situations when Shin forged private documents. Due to this series of events, a civil trial was proceeded. The court made it clear that the cases are unrelated to Han So Hee.”

On the 8th of April last year, the Ulsan District Court’s final ruling stated “Shin borrowed loan using Han So Hee’s account. However, it is insufficient to say Han So Hee is partially responsible for the debt because of this. There is no evidence showing she’s involved.”

The agency apologized for worrying the public due to Han So Hee’s personal affairs instead of her work. They hope that there would be no more occasion where further explaination is needed, nor there would be other victims in the future.

9ato Entertainment added, “Han So Hee will not be bearing the responsibility of the debt. This is to stop more events where Shin would use her daughter’s name for loan, and abuse her daughter’s job as a celebrity. It is true that they will always be mother and daughter to each other. Han So Hee is sorry for those who suffered. Nevertheless, we hope this will not be repeated every again with our strong response.”

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