Seo Ye Ji Apologizes for Conflict with Neighbor

Seo Ye Ji Apologizes for Conflict with Neighbor
Seo Ye Ji Apologizes for Conflict with Neighbor
Seo Ye Ji Apologizes for Conflict with Neighbor (credit: Yonhap News)

Seo Ye Ji who is going to return to the small screen is revealed to be involved in a conflict with neighbor due to parking issues.

A, who lives in the same villa as Seo Ye Ji and her parents, revealed on online community that she had a conflict with Seo Ye Ji’s parents over parking problems.

A claims that Seo Ye Ji’s parents installed a pet dog gate at the stairs that is for public use. Because of this, the neighborhood had a conflict with them, and Seo Ye Ji’s father even physically pushed people.

It was also revealed by A that Seo Ye Ji visited her parents three times a week. She parked her car carelessly everytime which affects the neighbors. This had been going on for 4 years.

Regarding this issue that’s brought up online, Seo Ye Ji’aplogized to A, accompanied by her management agency Goldmedalist’s lawyer.

A claims that at first, she asked if she’s the actress Seo Ye Ji, but she denied. Later on, Seo Ye Ji brought a lawyer along. After A told her about all the complaints she had in the past 4 years, Seo Ye Ji apologized. Seo Ye Ji then claimed that her parents would be moving out of the villa, however she also asked A, “you’re not going to write something about this online, right?” That is when A felt like Seo Ye Ji’s apology was not sincere at all.

As A’s post went viral, Seo Ye Ji’s agency Goldmealist explained to SBS Entertainment News that, “this seems to be due to misunderstandings.” The agency claimed that after receiving the complaints, Seo Ye Ji’s family genuninely apologized to the affected people. It’s hard to say as sincerity is something depends on how one interprets. Her parents moved out somewhile later. The issue has been peacefully settled.

Seo Ye Ji went on hiatus for a year over the controversy related to her relationship with Kim Jung Hyun, school violence and suspected academic background. She will be making her comeback through upcoming tvN drama “Eve”.