Im Soo Hyang Becomes the Victim of the Tension Between SBS & MBC’s Broadcast Crash

Im Soo Hyang Becomes the Victim of the Tension Between SBS & MBC's Broadcast Crash (credit: hellopapa11)

Im Soo Hyang is in an awkward situation as MBC and SBS schedule to broadcast dramas with the actress as the lead in the same month.

On the 5th, MBC’s representative stated that the Fri-Sat drama “Doctor Lawyer” was already scheduled to be aired in May since last year at the Drama Awards. They also shared that “From Today We Are” was originally planned to be broadcast via OTT platform, so there’s not supposed to be any impactful crash. However, now it’s decided to be broadcast on SBS. This is a difficult situation as Im Soo Hyang is the lead of both dramas. MBC insisted that they would not be revising the broadcast schedule.

“What’s more is that ‘Doctor Lawyer’ is set to premiere on the 27th next month, while “From Today We Are” will premiere on the 5th next month. There’s only a 2-weeks gap in between,” MBC’s representative expressed, “Viewers will be confused which drama they are watching if the same actress appear in another drama in a 2-weeks gap. In addition, the actress wouldn’t know which drama she should be promoting. Im Soo Hyang was having a photoshoot for the poster of ‘Doctor Lawyer’ today, and she was taken aback (by such situation) too.”

MBC’s representative shared, “we know that SBS has their reason (for this change). We do not understand how they don’t know the broadcast plan of the other broadcast station. From the point of view from the same industry, this seems completely inconsiderate. Such broadcast crash is an act contrary to morality in terms of trade ethics.”

SBS urgently puts “From Today We Are”, with Im Soo Hyang and Sung Hoon as leads, forward to their Mon-Tue schedule. They were preapring to have “The Police Station Next to Fire Station” as the follow-up drama after “Through the Darkness”. But as the Joint Labor-Management Investigation Committee is investigating the death of Lee Him Chan PD, the filming of the drama is halted.

Due to this, “Again My Life” which is lead by Lee Joon Gi is changed from a Mon-Tue drama to a Fri-Sat drama. And as the filming of Seo Hyun Jin’s “Why Her?” is not going smoothly as expected either, “From Today We Are” is pushed forward to be a Mon-Tue drama.

Meanwhile, SBS stated that they did not know the schedule of other TV station, that they did not know there would be a crash. SBS shared, “It was previously scheduled that ‘From Today We Are’ would follow ‘A Business Proposal. But production company’s circumstances, the broadcast schedule had to be changed.” They stated, “As the two dramas (SBS and MBC’s dramas) broadcast on different time and days of the week, and that the story backgrounds are different, there should be no issue.”